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                                   SHEKINAH  KENNEL
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 The puppy you have selected is guaranteed to be healthy at
the time of purchase. In order to keep this guarantee in
force, you must take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian of
your choice, within 24 hours from the date of purchase, or
delivery to you. If the puppy is found to be of life-threatening
poor health, you must bring the puppy back to the breeder
immediately for a refund.  If you wait longer than the 24
hours, and find the puppy to be of life-threatening poor
health, you must still bring, or send the puppy back for a
replacement. The replacement puppy must be of the same
sex, and the same value, unless other arrangements are
agreeable with both the breeder, and the purchaser. Size is
approximate, and is not guaranteed.
  The puppy is further guaranteed against any
communicable diseases within 7 days of the delivery to you
date, and for one (1) year against birth defects.
 If the puppy is returned, for any reason, at any time, a
licensed veterinarian’s report must accompany the puppy for
this guarantee to be honored.
 This guarantee will be void unless all terms are met. There
is no guarantee for negligence. Therefore, take care about
taking the puppy into public places, or allowing others to
handle the puppy, at least for a few days. This is to allow
your new puppy to adjust to his/her new environment. NO
BREEDER. Deposits are transferable, but not refundable.
Cash is due on balances for those picking up their puppy.
Pet Owners Name:
Phone Number:
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S H E K I N A H   K E N N E L

  •      Maintain a safe, clean,and sanitary facility for all pets.
To comply with all federal, and local government laws and regulations
concerning the keeping of dogs that I breed, that pertain to me.
To always breed  for the purpose of improving the quality of the breed, and
to provide quality, healthy pets to loving homes.
To properly socialize my puppies on a daily basis with my family and other
  •      To conscientiously plan each litter of pets for sale by carefully selecting a
sire and dam to be mated based on their pedigrees, conformation,
temperament, and state of health.
  •     I  do not breed any sire or dam until they are both physically and mentally
mature enough to breed.
  •     I  will not release any puppy until it is at least eight  weeks old,   In addition, I
will not release any puppy weighing less than two  pounds until it is at least
ten weeks old.    
  •     I  will provide all new puppy owners with appropriate health certificates and
vaccination records at the time of puppy delivery/purchase, and all
registration paperwork within 60 days, if applicable.
You can contact us by e-mail or phone.
 My cell number is:

Our e-mail is:
          CODE OF ETHICS
I love my family, and home! so here are some pictures of them having fun at
our little farm!   Hope you enjoy!
Fishing in the pond at Grandma
and PaPa's. Son on left with his
daughters Ryan and Desiree.
Becky,Brian/s wife with David
and Makenna.
Son Allen with his little fish and
daughter with her much larger fish!
Makenna to the left on Brandi,
Kailey on Jake, and Ryan on Ruby.
   Welcome to Shekinah Kennel! Home of beautiful, healthy and socialized
Bichon Frise puppies! My name is Kathy, and my husband is Robert. We
have been raising puppies since 1986, and strive to produce puppies as close
to the AKC standard as possible. We have had some puppies purchased with
showing in mind, and for breeding purposes. However, we do not guarantee
show quality or breeding quality. We are breeding for loving family
members. We are a family owned and run kennel. We live in the country
full of fresh air and our home is set in a beautiful valley with a year round
creek, a pond to fish out of, and we have a pool for family and friends to
enjoy. Our puppies have been played with by our grandchildren, which live
close by. The puppies are also exposed to cats, and other dogs.
   We give the puppies their first shots, and worm medication. Your
veterinarian will advise you as to their next round of vaccinations. Upon
picking up your new puppy, we supply you with a sample of the food they
have been started on.

       Our Bichon puppies, are just that, pure bred Bichon Frise. They are not
mixed breed puppies.

   Please read our Purchase/Health guarantee below. You will receive a copy
for you to sign for your records.
   You can reach us at 479-790-8422 by phone or text. You may also reach
us at  our e-mail address kathy@shekinahkennel.com
Most of us are in this picture!