A B O U T  M E
Many people like to know a little about the people behind the puppies they buy, so I will use this page to provide more information about me, my
philosophy, the people that work with me,and history of Shekinah Kennel.
     I am a born again Christian, have been since `1961, when I was saved at a church camp I had attended.  I still belong to the same faith, and am active in
church and
church related activities.
I grew up mostly in California. I did spend the last few years of my high school years in Arkansas, and Texas. I graduated high school in Texas in 1968, and
business school in Texas. I met my husband way back in 1964. We met up again after he got out of the Marians, and shortly after were married.  
We have 5 children, two of our sons have died, but Praise the Lord, we have 10 grandchildren!  It is very true that grandchildren are so much fun! I feel like a
kid again "playing" with the girls, and the puppies.
The grandsons are all boy, and play guns, fighting, exploration, and naturally video games and more video games.
We started the kennel in 1985. Since we had 5 children, it was hard to justify a job and leaving the children for someone else to raise.  I have always loved
animals, and
so, the idea of the kennel was born, along with some help of a dear friend, who helped show me the ropes, so to speak. The children always loved playing with
puppies, and so this was part of their chores, now the grandchildren have taken over the job of playing with the puppies.
I have raised many different breeds over the years, but now I am settled on one, and specialize in the Bichon Frise breed. They are highly intelligent, very loyal,
has a very happy disposition.
To the left, is  the happy care giver of all the
beautiful babies, Bichon, puppies for sale  
here at Shekinah Kennel, better known as,
Kathy Grigg (me).
My Hobbies

I enjoy my family and friends, and my church family. I always look forward to all the holidays and spending time, and having fun filled days with
any and all of them!
I love horseback ridding with my husband. Sometimes I go with friends, or my children. I like to fish out in our back yard, where we have 2 spring
fed ponds, stocked with catfish, bass, and perch! So peaceful, and serene. Yes, I put the worm on my own hook, AND I even clean that I catch!
I like to hatch chickens from the eggs that my chickens lay, and then I have the "fun" of finding homes to give them too!
Last, but not least, I really love breeding dogs and having puppies available for sale to great loving homes!
I am just an animal lover from start to finish.
Makenna and Kailey 2005
This is Brandy, my horse! She is a
sweet heart!
Best of friends, and first cousins also!
Makenna and Ryan 2005
Below are some garden goodies
from the summer of 2005! Hope
this year is as bountiful as last!
Ryan and Makenna 2007
The twins-Grant and Logan born
Summer of 2007
Breanna and Tiff planting
Breanna, on left, is on Jake and
Tiffany, on right, is on Brandy. 2008
Sandi, then Brandy,
then Buck, and then
Jake. Looking for a
hand out!
David James 2007
Ryan on left, Makenna on
Grant and Logan--2008
David 2011
There are seven  beautiful little girls! Then if
you will notice, there are THREE boys!God has
really been good to me, and my family. There
are three babies in the front, and yes the one
on the left, and in the middle are  TWINS! From
top to bottom, left to right they are--- Makenna,
Kaylie, Allie, David, Breanna holding Logan,
Tiffany holding Grant, Ryan holding Desiree.
The three girls on top and the twins belong to
my daughter, the boy at the top belongs to my
youngest son, the two older girls in front
belong to my third son, and the two younger
girls in the front belong to my second son. We
lost our first son in a car accident in December
of 2000.
God sometimes has a sense of humor too. As a
young girl I prayed to be surrounded by
boys.....my husband and I raised 4 boys and 1
girl. When I was having all the boys, I prayed for
God to please send me a girl.....OH, talk about
answered prayer!
These are my beautiful, sweet grandchildren! I do love these kiddos, and
they bring so much joy to my life. I thank God every day for each one. They
also help by playing with the puppies! Fun for everyone.
Although the picture of my
GRANDCHILDREN to the left is
almost  old, they are still
beautiful! I hate changing this
picture, because I love this
"barn" atmosphere. To the right
of the "barn" picture is an
updated one of them,on the
fountain of our pool, but the
oldest is now 24 and the
youngest ones are 14 in 2020!
As you can see, I not only love my little doggies,
I also love all animals, and more than that, I  
LOVE , love, love my grandchildren!