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Phone:  479-736-5605
Below you will find the comments from the people who purchased puppies from me. There is a comment from a
person for each breed of puppy I have for sale, which are Bichon Frise, Maltese and Shih Tzu.

Dear Kathy, Joy and Hope are now over 5 pound and beautiful girls. We love them so much and they are so sweet and loving dogs. My husband Tim tells me how
lucky we are that we found you and yes you have great love for all of you're puppies, and that shows in Joy and Hope. I will thank you for ever. I have taken some
photos of them and I am awaiting for their first grooming to take a real good picture of them to send you. Kathy, there never is a minute that we do not think of you
and how wonderful you are. My brother and one of our daughters,Allea has been teaching them how to play and they love it out side and love to dig specially Joy
and they are so much fun to watch running and playing tugg of war. They love being combed. May the Blessing of good health and Love and peace be yours and
your family, Thanks again. Mahshid and Tim Boylan  3/22/2013

Dear Kathy,

What a precious bundle of joy you have given us--little PIKO is the sweetest dog and the cutest bichon I've ever seen!  We absolutely love him and so does
everyone who sees him.  Thank you for making such high-quality dogs.  Our home has changed with this little boy.  He's an angel, snuggle bear with puppy teeth.  
Wouldn't trade him for the world!   Sue Smith 2/6/2013

What a day! Jack is so fun! He and Julie are best friends- he runs everywhere
after her! He is eating a little softened food and drinks water with a big
tongue. Both puppies played so hard that they are sound asleep now....Thank you
so much, Kathy. I did run into the pet store for a tube of protein stuff - just
in case he needs it- drove around looking for billjack food but both pet stores
said they have not carried frozen dog food in six yrs...will go on line and find
places around here to buy some. My vet may carry it...tonight he will have a
little ground turkey but he is eating his kibble pretty good. What a sweetheart
he is....oh - a lady in the parking lot wanted the name of your kennel and phone
# -she  is looking for a Maltese puppy. I will give out your kennel and ph
number to anyone that asks- you are a terrific breeder....Little Mr Wonderful is
so at home all ready.....thanks, Trisha 3/13/2013

Kathy, you should know that Bachi is no doubt the best little Bichon you ever sold to anyone. He has such
personality and was worth every minute of the time I waited for him. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR MY WONDERFUL
Bichon. Also, every time I think of you and your husband bringing him out here to me, just boggles my mind. Thank
you AGAIN!!!

I purchased my Bichon from Kathy Grigg May of 2000. Nikki (my baby:) just turned a year old! Time does fly.
When I brought her to my vet after she got to my home, he told me she was an excellent example of a Bichon. I
have had nothing but compliments regarding her beauty, disposition and attitude:)
I believe Kathy cares for her pups with great care and love. Before I had my pup (received at, I believe, 2 1/2
months) the pup was healthy, gorgeous and well taken care of.
I have had NO problems with Nikki and adore her.
When I took her to a trainer, the trainer told me she was a beautiful dog - a great specimen of a Bichon., which she
is! The puppy is healthy and very smart.
I had her flown to NY and she came to me happy and very socialized. I can not speak highly enough about Kathy
and her pup! I am very happy with the puppy.

Hello Kathy,
You and I have spoke several times on the regards of Thelma&Louise,my Maltese. As you know we are expecting
some little ones with Louise. They have turned out so beautiful and you took very good care of them before I got
them. The transaction went smoothly except for the winter and trying to have them flown into where I live but, we
comprised and now they are very happy here. Will send a video as soon as I have it transferred over. They just had
their 1st. birthday! Marcia

We really appreciated the picture updates on Lacey as she was growing before we got her at 8 weeks. It was also
easy for me to 'talk' with you via e-mail as we were deciding on whether or not to purchase her (because we were
long distance). Also, we were very comfortable taking her home with us....she is a doll! Lacey weighs almost 5
pounds now that she is 5 months old. She has a happy personality and loves people! I hate to say it but she sleeps
on my pillow most nights so yes, she is spoiled. We are still potty training her but she does pretty good. And, she is
mischeivious....she knows how to open doors that are almost but not quite closed so she finds all kinds of things to
play with! Her favorite toys are plastic lids to aerosol cans! She has been a happy addition to our family. Medically,
she is in good health and was when we purchased her.....we had her checked by our vet when we got home. I will
send a picture as I can.

I was very pleased with all my dealing with you in purchasing my "Mishu"! When I picked him up in Albuquerque,
NM, he was the cutest ball of white hair. He walked right up to me, wagged his tail ---- as if to say, "Hi, Mom, I'm all
yours!" I took him to the vet for a check up immediately and the vet gave him a clean bill of health.
Thanks, Kathy, for a great and lovable little guy,

Kathy, Hello! Our little Maddy has been the best addition to our family. She is 4 1/2 pounds and almost one year old.
She was just fine when we picked her up from the airport. She was barking and was just happy to have us. She has very
big feelings,as most Maltese do, and the best personality! We have been talking about getting her a friend. She is a real
joy. I will try to send a photo. Thanks again, Lena

Hi, Kathy. Timber and Brooke are doing great. They've been soooo much fun. They still play very hard
together. They've been everywhere!
We'll be getting them their second grooming in a couple of weeks. So we'll send a picture at that time. They
must look their best you know.
We really appreciated the photos you sent before we came to pick up the pups. You were willing to work
with us on our schedule.
Hope all is well.
Marilyn, and Sharon

Dealing with Kathy was very easy. My husband found her website and we contacted her about a female
puppy. I was a 7th grade math teacher and was looking for a puppy that would be ready to come home
the end of June. Kathy let me pick which female puppy I wanted and from then on she was known as
Popcorn. The best part was that Kathy sent us pictures of Popcorn so that we could see her grow.
These pictures are still up on the refrigerator. She and I enjoyed the summer and I love having her
around. I recently had a baby and I look forward to watching the two of them grow up together. Thank
you Kathy.



Hi, my name is of Jennifer Rendon. I am the recipient of your beautiful bundle of love. Kathy, we
named our little Shih Tzu Jennifer's Little Tinker Belle, or just "Belle" for short..I just wanted to
write you a note in case you had any apprehension about her going so far, or to whom she was going. I
can't tell you how much we are enjoying her. We fell in love with her instantly!!! She has given us huge
amounts of cuddles and kisses. My children adore her. We have gotten in the habit of letting Belle tuck
the girls in at night. Now they won't let her quit. You can tell she's happy not by her smile but by the
time bed time rolls around, She doesn't have enough energy to yelp to come out of her bed. (She's
usually already asleep) She is doing excellent with potty training. And the vet says she's as perfect as
they come! (We already knew that!) I wasn't sure if it was hard for you to sell her or if it is
something you get used to, but if you ever want pictures of her or to check on her, please do. After all
we wouldn't be as happy as we are today if my family didn't find you first.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Hi Kathy,
It's been a hectic week since I picked up my Maltese puppy from LaGuardia. I have
to say, now that I have her, that I can't imagine what it was like not having her, and
all the waiting I did was so worth it. Sasha is the cutest,
kindest, feistiest little puppy I've ever met. She is so lovable....she'll
let anyone hold her. Thank you for your great service and for making my home a
much happier place.
Lauren Dowd

Kathy, we made it home safe and sound. The trip was fun and we enjoyed you and you Husbands hospitality.
We decided to name our new family member Sable. I will send you a Picture of her when I get them
developed. Sable cried for a while and she even got a little car sick. But when we got home and she was able to
walk around her new home. She was just fine and she is so full of life. We love her very much, she have
found her way into everybody heart in just a short amount
For All of the Thomas house

I just wanted to finally say THANKS FOR OUR WORLDS GREATEST SHIH TZU, PINO! We received our little
bundle on January 14th and is  the worlds SMARTEST puppy. He was easy to train and brings us the most
JOY ever.... Everyone loves him. Picking him up from the vet or the groomers is tough because NO ONE
wants us to take him back. THEY ALL LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH. THANKS for making our home complete.
Buying him via internet and email was so easy and although, I am sure he didn't like the flight to California
so much it was a breeze.
Thanks and God bless,
Drina and Mike Bracic
San Jose, California!

Hi Kathy,
This is Kim N. from Pennsylvania.  I just wanted to give you an update on the puppy we got from you.  Her name was going to be Chelsea
but after 5 or 6 name changes we finally settled on Lexie Lou Shih Tzu!  She is a great puppy.  Her personality is excellent she is so laid
back and easy going.  Her sister (the temperamental poodle aka Torrie) finally likes her.  It took about two weeks, but they get along fine.
The groomer says she is the hardest puppy to groom because she never stops wagging her tail.  She is always so happy!  
She got her third haircut yesterday and here is her picture.
Thanks again, we love her lots.

Kathy, I want to thank you and your husband for the wonderful joy my two Shih Tzu's Driver & Kussa
have given me.  They always put a smile on my face, and a warm soft nuzzle at me neck.  If I had
known that these two beautiful, cuddly, funny little fur balls were this awesome, I wouldn't have waited
until I was in my 40's.  Thank you so much, I love them.  

We picked her up just as she arrived in the cargo office!  I think the delivery man was already smitten with
her!  She smiled at us.  We took her to a grassy spot.  She was hesitant to leave her crate/den,
understandably, but once she did, she went potty straight away and started to wiggle and pounce.  She did
look like a little raggamuffin after her long flight, but that didn't keep us from adoring her.

She met the kids (she loves them!) and they are crazy about her.. Everyone went to bed in protest!  Then I
bathed and blow dried her (poor baby!) and we went outside again (nothing).  She drank a tiny bit of water
and ate one kibble of food.  Then I brushed her and she took a nice nap on my lap, before going out to potty
once more, which she did (I asked my husband to mow a patch of the lawn in the dark so she wouldn't
protest being on the grass (too high for her) - LOL.  I got a big "eye roll" but he did it!).  Now she is in the
crate crying!  I keep comforting her but it is killing me!  We'll see who holds out! ....  Ahhh, she has fallen
We are off to the vet tomorrow morning for a check up.  I will let you know how that goes..
Thanks so much, Kathy!  She's a sweety!

Hello Kathy!
We returned home at 4PM. Millie was SOOOOOO good, what a sweetheart. We attempted a potty break
along the way but she had no interest. When we got home she did go for Emily. We were very proud of her!!
She was awake for most of the trip but took little catnaps, too. She is now sleeping in her crate after
checking out her new home.
We can't thank you enough for the kindness you've shown us, and especially for helping raise Millie up for
us. She is a little doll and we have already fallen in love with her. We are so happy to have her as part of our
We will send pics as soon as we finish our film and keep you updated. Thanks again for everything. Enjoy
the rest of your weekend.
With love,
Randy,Jane, Brooke and Emily
Irving, Texas

I want to tell you that I am in LOVE with my dog,she's so cute I want to eat her up every time I see her
thank you!  Shes so sweet and smart too and is learning to use her wee-wee pads very quickly to go
potty.  She sure has a good appetite! We nicknamed her The Vacuum.  She went to the vet weekend
before last and was fine.  She is scheduled to go back on Saturday for some more shots, as she is 4
months old today.  She weighed 1.8 pounds at that first visit and has grown quite a bit this last week
and a half.  I wont be surprised if shes 2.5 pounds this Saturday.  Her hair is growing and she looks
really good and healthy.

Thanks again, I already can't live without her!

Hello Kathy!

We thought you would like to get an update on Millie, who we purchased from you last November. She
will turn one year on August 21. Millie has brought us so much joy and we love her very much. She
attended obedience class and did very well. She loves to take walks and play outside. At night, she
loves sleeping with the girls, isn't that a surprise?? She weighs about 9 pounds now. We check your
website frequently and love looking at the new puppies. We have wonderful memories of coming to
your home to pick up Millie, time does fly. We hope you and your family are doing well. We are
enclosing three pictures of Millie we took recently. She is growing up!! Thanks again for raising such
wonderful pups, we are truly loving ours!!

Take care,
Randy, Jane, Brooke, Emily and Millie

Hi, Kathy!  First of all I have to tell you how BEAUTIFUL she is!  More than I expected and prettier than
her pictures you sent me but how could that be when the pictures were beautiful themselves.  She is
absolutely adorable, the cutest little doggie I've ever seen!!!  I am so happy with her!  We decided on
the name Bridget.  How do you like it?  I think it fits her perfectly!  Her temperament is great also.  She's
very loving and she melts my heart!

Mrs Grigg,
Sorry I haven't written sooner, but we are busy enjoying out puppy.  We named her
Chilly, as in cool since she is a COOL puppy.
We really love her.  She is great.  She will go to her crate when she gets tired or needs quiet time
without any hesitation.  She will also let us know when she needs to go "potty".  She has had a few
accidents but that was because we humans were not picking up on her signals.  She and the cat are
working out their differences.  Chilly will chase Marie until she jumps up on furniture which Chilly can't
reach yet.  She is so playful.  She sleeps through the night, but of course, she is sleeping with me.  She
is a pretty good bed buddy!!!!!
We took her to the vet last Thursday.  They gave her a shot because they said that she was okay on the
distemper shot but that it was not a distemper/parvo combo.  She needed the parvo portion.  She will
go back on the 3rd of May to get another shot, i think.  We started her on the heart worm treatment
since mosquitoes are so bad here.
I want to again thank you for all your help. Chilly is a very big part of our family now and we love her.  
She is so silly and gives great kisses.  She also loves to cuddle.
I promise to send pictures soon.  Thanks again & Happy Easter, Karen

Dear Kathy,
Yes you may put him on your web page. He weights 11 lbs. and is 11 inches tall. Our groomer says that he is the
best when it comes to getting brushed and fluffed. He doesn't mind getting his nails clipped either. He loves to be
brushed as we can be rough when brushing and the rougher we are the better he likes. We tease Andre when he
squeaks that we are going to oil him or send him back to Arkansas. He squeaks when he wants his own way, and
all the attention. We sure are blessed that we found your web site. He is very special along with the trip. He
loves to go for rides. He wants to go everywhere with us. We found the greatest car seat for him. It is high enough
for him to see out and large enough for him to lay down and sleep. He wears a harness and is fastened to the seat
belt. It has a drawer under the seat to hold his food bowls, water, etc. We took him to Florida in Feb. and he loved
the trip. As you can tell he is deeply loved. I will keep watching your web site to see him.
Take care Maryann

Thanks for the call. Frodo is doing wonderful, he is the best dog. He is almost 5 months old, he is getting big.
We got him groomed last week, he really looks like a true Bichon Frise now. He is totally potty trained, he
just scratches at the door when he needs to go, no accidents in about a month. He thinks he is our child
always wanting us to hold him or give him attention, which I love. Lexi is doing great with him to, they act
like siblings. When she is not here he looks for her and mopes around, it is so sweet. We could not have
asked for a better pet.
Thanks again for letting us get him. We love him so much. I will send you some recent pictures soon.

Hi, Kathy. A quick update, as I have babies to tend!!!!
They arrived with no problem whatsoever, but I made Randy
stand there and peep in their crate first- because I was so nervous that they wouldn't survive the trip
(silly me!)
Annabella was fine and wide-eyed but Reagan was in  need
of water. We just stayed at the airport awhile and let them
adjust somewhat to us before loading them back in the car for the trip up to Santa Fe. We want to thank
you again for your drive to Tulsa, we really appreciate it and this really did work out just fine although
we were up at 4:30 AM on Sun and Mon! and are pooped. We had a great trip seeing kids and friends
and Randy ran the Bay-to-Breakers marathon in San Francisco on Sun.
We have had a ball getting to know them and want to congratulate you for the wonderful job you have
done in preparing them for their new family. Annabella is adventuresome and frisky, Reagan is a bit
reserved- the typical baby. They make a good team! We couldn't be happier with them and they are
going to be a wonderful addition to our family!!!!!! They have bonded to us so fast and that
is wonderful! We definitely made the right decision to get them both!
They love being together and rolling in the dirt and playing in the back yard. We've only let them
explore one room and are working on the crate training. They had a good night, only whimpered a little,
and were ready to go at about 5:30 AM!
We're trying to understand their schedule and reward their
outdoor elimination with much praise! Right now, they are in their crate, watching cartoons while I write
this letter.
I'll close now, as we have to get ready for the vet appointment this morning.  Thank you again for these
babies! You have done
a wonderful, wonderful job.
Sincerely, Kitte and Randy

Dear Kathy,
Lynda and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your professionalism, understanding and
obvious care and love for the little creatures that come from your kennels. Although at first
apprehensive about dealing with unknown kennel operators through the Internet, after a couple of e-
mail communications we became convinced that we had found the right people to deal with in our
search for a new Maltese puppy to fill the void left when we lost one four years ago, at the age of
thirteen years.
Knowing that Leisha will be coming to our home in Canada, you showed concern about lengthy travel
times and worked your schedule around ours and took advantage of the fact that we could receive her
while we were in Florida and cut her travel time to just about four hours instead of possibly eight hours
or more. This you did even though that meant you had to have her at the airport for a 5:45 a.m. flight out
of Tulsa. This in itself shows how much you care about the puppies you raise and find homes for.
We absolutely love our new addition and dare I say, it appears that from her part, if actions mean
anything, the feelings on her part must be mutual.
We not only wish you continued success but please feel free to have any future potential buyer of one
of your puppies contact us for referral. You have made this process so easy, enjoyable and in the end,
an out and out good experience.
Again thank you, and continued success.
Joe and Lynda Bugelli,
Ontario, Canada

I wish I had a good Christmas pic of Ellie to send you. Remember she was born in July, mom is Candi.  
She is 4 months old now and very precocious.  She is about 8 1/2 inches at the shoulder and is a little
beauty.  Her teeth are lining up nicely and her conformation is very good.  But the main thing is her
personality and IQ.  We are constantly amazed at  her ability to control us.  She gets a lot of singing and
story-telling from me, and floor games with Ben.  Outside she is a little werewolf, chasing leaves like
Just wanted to catch you up on "Miss Elinor Dashwood", Ellie.  Will send you both a pic soon.  Have a
blessed Christmas.
Frances & Ben

Hello Kathy! It has been one week since we picked up our adorable Tymon from you! That is sooo hard
to believe!  I thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of our little perfect addition to our family, so
have attached a picture to this e-mail!  Tymon has grown over the week, and is doing well.  Tymon has a
plastic crate that he sleeps in right on th side of my bed. During the night I hear his every little move
and get up with him about once during the night to make sure he relieves himself, eats, drinks and of
course we play for awhile before I tuck him back in.  On our way home from Arkansas  we stopped at the
first Wal Mart and bought him the brush you suggested, and some cat balls.  He enjoys his toys and
playing with everyone here! My husband has a special place in his heart for him, as he is the one who
named him Tymon! Hope your trip to Mexico went well. Take care and God Bless you and yours! I will
keep you posted on Tymon!  Nancy

Hi Kathy and Robert...

First of all, I want to commend you on your kennel.
We, Barb and I are very very pleased with the Bichon puppy we purchased from you about 2 years ago.
We registered her name Ms. Sophie Simone from her parents. We had her spayed and tattooed for a
permanent license. We had no intent to breed therefore we took the measures that we thought were
What a temperament she has....very loving and playful. Not a mean bone in her body. Yes, we are very
happy with her and when our granddaughter comes over (she is 6 mos. old), Sophie is very protective
of her. If Keira, (granddaughter) whimpers, Sophie is there to make sure she is OK....
Verrry Happy with Sophie. Yes, Sophie loves wearing t-shirts and sweaters...I never have seen a dog
who loves them so much. She must feel secure with the shirts....
I would highly recommend your kennel to anyone who want a quality and healthy pup for a companion.

Thank you for filling our void.
Frank L Martyna

Hi Kathy,

Just want to send a email thanking you so much for the precious gift you have given to our family. The
flying arrangements were a little unsettling for us all, however we overcame that. When we got to the
cargo department I was so nervous that she wouldn't be ok. The customer service representative even
let us have a peek at her before I went through customs which technically she was not allowed to do.
As soon as we saw her I put my hand up to the kennel and she started licking it and crying to get out. I
rushed to Customs only to have a 1 1/2 hour wait.....which seemed to be  5 hrs. Once we cleared
Customs we rushed back to the cargo department and she was sleeping soundly on the counter. I was
so happy when my husband placed her in my arms....what a sigh of relief I let out. We then came home it
was 1:30 A.M. woke our kids and video taped their expression. My little girl said mommy is she real or is
she from Walmart......all I could do was laugh. My son almost sat on her (laughing) he sure wasn't
expecting a puppy. All in all we took *BELLA* to the vet today she has gotten a great report and appears
to be quite healthy. We take her back on Tuesday for a shot and another de-worming. She appears to
be adjusting well to our home which is filled with a lot of love and happiness for her. I thought last
night was going to be a little rough, we put her in her kennel when we were ready for bed and she
cried for about 2 minutes then off to sleep we all went. Once again I want to thank you from our family to
yours!!....Its going to be a exciting adventure.

Kerri, Robert, Nickolas and Taylor Bishop
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Hey Kathy!
We finally have our little Bodie baby!  We went this morning to pick her up at LAX and when we arrived, the
airline staff were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over her.  She's been very thirsty from the long trip, and she's been
eating well.  My gosh, she is absolutely adorable!  Bodie's sitting here sleeping on my lap as I write this, and she
is just a snuggly puppy.  Anyway, the first few times we took her out after she arrived she didn't do anything
but sniff around and plop down in the shade!  But when we finally got her home I took her for a little walk and
she piddled on the lawn - she's a very good little girl!  We've got an appointment to see the vet tomorrow
morning first thing, and I'm positive that she'll be 110% fine.  She's already won over everyone who's even seen
her, and I'm very glad that we were fortunate enough to find such a wonderful dog through an equally wonderful
breeder such as yourself!  I'll send some pictures when we get them developed, but until then, thank you for
being such a wonderful "mommy" for her and all of your dogs - it really shows!
In Christ,
Heather VanDine

Hello Kathy,
I just wanted to write you and tell you how thrilled we are with our precious Bichon, Sugar Bear.  She is doing great and won our
hearts from the start.  Today I took her back to her vet for her final round of shots.  She now weighs 5lb. 13ozs.  She is a
constant ball of energy and the only time she is calm is when she is asleep!  She has taken to her kennel very well and goes
there all through the day for a power nap.  Her housebreaking is going very well, even though for a while I didn't think she would
ever catch on.  She is very smart though, and figured out real quick that she could get 2 treats if she only did one job outside at a
time!  She is a very happy little girl and plays with every toy in our house and anything else she can find. Our vet was very
pleased with all the information that you sent with her, and was very pleased with her physical health.  His comment was, "Here
is a breeder that truly knows what she is doing."
I have shared your website with many friends and I know of several that have contacted you.  Thanks again.
Renee Hale
Conway, Arkansas

Hi Kathy-

Just wanted to give you and update on Leeloo. She is so wonderful!! I have by far received the cutest
dog ever! I haven't seen a dog that is cuter then her. She is healthy and enjoying life. She is beautiful. I
just wanted to send you and updated picture of our spoiled new baby. Thank you so much!!!
Laura Gibbs

Hi, Kathy.
Seems like not long ago I was writing you an email telling you how happy
I was with my Bichon, Bridget, that I got from you and now she's almost
4 years old.  She still warms my heart and I love her so much.  I
couldn't have asked for a more beautiful and loving companion, even if I
tried.  Thank you so much for her.

Now I'm also writing to tell you that my Maltese female that I got from
you one week ago has also brought the warmth to my heart.  She is
absolutely stunning in her looks and also her personality.  I've named
her Tiny Sophia and as soon as I call "Tiny" she comes running.  Her
potty training is going good and she will go as soon as I take her
outside.  As she goes I tell her over and over "go potty" and I feel
that she's getting the hang of what it means.  Tiny is so beautiful and
she attracts so much attention wherever she is.  I've had a few people
inquire where I got her from and I tell them I got her from the same
breeder as my Bridget.  I'm sure that you will be hearing from a few of
them in the future, inquiring how to get a puppy for themselves.

Anyway, thanks so much for the great job you do with your puppies and
I'm sure that I will be getting another one from you somewhere down the
line in the future.


Brenda Montalto, Bridget and Tiny Sophia  :o)

Kathy, I wanted to let you know that you raise the most beautiful Bichons. Bill and I have seen two this
past week and they are not as pretty as our two. Friends of ours bought one at the Pet store. He was
about four months old. They brought him down to play with our two and he is so much bigger than
Andre and Maurice. His legs were very long. Then on Sunday we took the boys to the park and talked to
a fellow that had a Bichon who was five years old, he also had the long legs. We were wondering if
there were several sizes of Bichons. I just had to let you know that we are very happy and proud of our
short legged babies. Have a Happy Easter. Will sent pictures when I get new ones.


Hi Kathy!  Just wanted to stop and take a moment to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!
Thank you so much for Hammy, my Maltese!  I had waited a long time for him and it was well worth the
wait.  He is everything I had hoped for and more.  He is a mess!  Thank you for helping my husband by
surprising me.  This was the absolute best Christmas present I could ever had hoped for.  He has even
helped everyone open Christmas presents.  He is a character!  Thanks again for your patience and
kindness.  We will never forget you.  Attached are pictures of our bundle of joy!

In His Love,
Pamela Floyd
Little Rock, AR
Christmas 2006

Hi Kathy, Sorry I did not email you sooner, but I have been so busy with Kiki. My husband and I love her
to pieces! We named her Bailey after many different names we tried. She already is very spoiled. The
vet gave a clean bill of health and she is doing great on paper training. I got her a carry purse to go to
the shows and shopping with me. She loves the little bed you sent with her. Many thanks for getting
her to me as soon as you did. I'm glad I didn't have to wait any longer for her.  ps I already gave your
website to a lady I met in the pet store for a puppy in the future. thank-you again we LOVE her!   
Kathy P.

Poo Bear has been renamed Rudy after the movie about Notre Dame.  My husband said no self-
respecting man walks a dog named Poo Bear. J  The vet said he is in excellent health.  He came paper
trained and was outside trained in only two days!  We are so proud of our smart puppy.  Today is the
first time he has been left alone at all!  He sleeps with us and wakes up only once a night to go
outside.  Afterwards, he goes back to sleep.  He is eating well and loves crumbled milk bones after his
walk.  He plays with the cat and spreads his chew toys throughout the house.   My husband plays with
him constantly, talking to him like a child.  It is so sweet.  I just want to thank you for creating such
a good disposition in this precious puppy.  He will be loved more than anyone can imagine.  We are so
Thank you,
Janet Hallstrom

Hi Kathy,
Just an update on the puppy…We named him Artie.
Artie did sooooo good on the ride home. He loves to stay cuddled up on my chest where he can sleep  or
bite my nose easily! He stays very close to me. Follows me everywhere! He really misses his brothers
and sisters though. He gets very upset when I put him in his pen for the night and he has to be alone.
I gave him one of my socks last night. He settled down a lot quicker. But he let me know that he was
ready to get out as soon as he woke up at 4:00 AM!!!! Ah well….if I wasn’t prepared to loose a little
sleep, I wouldn’t have gotten a puppy!
So far Artie has been a happy, bouncing bundle of squirmy, cuddly kisses! He is absolutely adorable!
Thank you so much!
Donna Le

Hi Kathy!
Thank you so much for our Shih Tzu,  Eli! We are absolutely in love with him and my husband calls him "the Mad
Man" because he runs around the house terrorizing everybody. He is adjusting so well. He is beginning to win my
other 2 dogs over slowly but surely - which is no easy task. His first appointment went very well. He weighed in at
3lbs 8oz. He is actually going to the bathroom outside now, but we still have a pee pad in his crate just in case - he
still gets them wet for now. Also, he spent his first night in his new crate last night - I'm so proud of him. I'll keep you
posted and try to get you some pictures soon. Thanks again!
I don't know what you did ... but this little girl is so well behaved and so very smart. She did not cry one
single time during the night, nor did she go potty in her little crate. I let her sleep in the one you sent her in
as I thought she would be used to it. She hasn't eaten much yet, but seems to be a little more interested
this am than last PM. She is so energetic, and playful. I know you did a great job with her, but I also know I
am blessed to have chosen her. Annie already is loving her, but JJ is pouting like you wouldn't believe. He
hasn't tried to hurt her or anything, but he surely is showing his jealous streak. Cracks me up.
Have a nice evening.
Hi Kathy,

I have been under the weather with that awaful flu that turned into  
bronchitis. Honestly, I haven't been feeling well since a week before  
the baby arrived. She, however; has been a bright spot in my life.
I am writing to simply tell you what a "joy' she is to me, and what a  
great puppy!  She sleeps all night long ... never a peep out of her.  
As soon as she gets up, I take her to the piddle pad where she  
immediately takes care of her business.  She has adjusted so well to  
the Chows and to JJ. And the good news is that JJ is warming up to  
her, finally. I think he is happy that she has to sleep in her little  
crate, and doesn't steal his special sleepy time attention. Haha. The  
Chows, especially Annie, love the baby, and I am so happy with that.  
They have always loved JJ, too, except when he starts bosing them  
around. They usually just walk away from him when he gets too bossy  
with them.
I took a few pictures, but to be honest, I simply have not felt well  
enough to work with getting them to you. I will do that over the week-
end. There is one, especially, that I think is so adorable.
Now the surprise ... I have decided to name her "Joy." I called her  
Baby for several days, but have decided that Joy is the correct name  
for her. And a JOY she is!
Take care, and I hope that all is well with you, your family, and the  
"kennel" group. write when you can, my dear friend.
Jeanne, Joy, JJ, and 2 Chows

Kathy, I just wanted to let you know that Scrappy is doing very well.  He has fit in to the family and he and my yorkie, Sadie, just love
each other.  The first night was very easy.  He slept on my pillow with me while my Sadie sleeps under the covers at my feet.  When he
needed to potty, he yipped and I let him down and he potties on the puppy pads I have set down.  He finally found his bark about
Wednesday last week and now he uses it all the time.  He can’t get up or down on the couch or my bed but he lets me know quite vocally
when he needs help.  He is the cutest puppy.  He’s made many friends in my apartment complex, both human and animal.  He loves going
for the bigger dogs.  He’s still not used to the leash but he follows me or Sadie when we go outside and he doesn’t wander off.  
My two year old grandson also loves him.  He picks him up and carries him around and Scrappy doesn’t bite him or scratch him.  He is a
great puppy and I thank you for him.  He will be loved and cared for the rest of his life.
I took him to my vet last Monday and she said he is very healthy.  He is so friendly and loving but yet so playful.  I just love him.  If I
know anyone wanting a puppy, I’ll give them your name.
Marcia Chism
Hi Kathy.....Hope you had a nice weekend.  I sure did.  I love, love, love my puppies!  Ollie is so great with her now....it's a far cry from
what we first witnessed.  I ordered a gate that goes from floor to ceiling for when I work.  I am going to have Cheryl (my neighbor)
check on them through out the day.  Ollie may not be thrilled with the idea.....he wants her close all the time.  He barks at her crate.  Of
course, she doesn't sleep in it anymore.....she sleeps at my head in a basket that is covered in pink and all comfy.  Ollie sleeps at my side.  
They play tug, usually with an empty water bottle and never a strange moment.  I am right here all the time watching, of course.  I am so
happy she is mine and didn't go to someone else.  GOD knew all the time!
Funny story.......the man I had dinner with, the night I came over to meet Gabbie, said the following:
Jen, I thought it was really cool when you said your dog was "bitchin"
I said "what?, I wouldn't talk like that....I wouldn't use the word "bitchin"
He said, sure you did.....
Come to find out, he didn't know what a Bichon was.  I said "I have a Bichon", he thought was saying my dog was "bitchin" (as in surfer
talk, like... really cool, man).
I had to explain what I meant to him a couple times, he still didn't "catch on".
I am sending you a picture (of course).  The tea set is from my Grandmother (who was an Angel in my life).....it's the "Golden Rose Tea
Set" from England.  I've always treasured having it.  So....I put my little Princess in the cupboard and took her photo with it & labeled it
"tea cup pup".
Okay.....enough puppie talk as I would go on and on!
Once again, I can't thank you enough for bringing such pleasure and fullfillment into my life.  It's amazing what Ollie did and now what
both he and Gabbie do to my heart and soul!
Just another quick update.  Charlie is really doing well.  Has gained several ounces. Extremely good eater and has learned to use the big dog water bowl  
-  automatic water bowl. He is doing good with his potty as long as I can take him out every few hours.  I have put a wee wee pad by the back door and he
has actually used it several times.  He and the other maltese are getting along really well - better than I had expected so soon.  They have actually
started playing together.  They chase each other outside.  Today we tried an experiment and took them both on a short car trip. We put both of them in
the same large crate on the back seat.  It was not a problem for either of them.  We were gone a couple of hours and no fights!  Better than most kids!!
Thanks a bunch,
Charlotte Perdue
Dear Kathy,
Truer words were never spoken, when my mother (Loree-proud owner of Pixie, Bichon) said, "I had been waiting for my Shih Tzu for a long time".  She is
the love of my life, along with my seven year old pug, Talula.  The two of them have become fast friends.  Clementine is seven years and seven days
younger than her older sister, Talula.  The two of them are inseparable, as you can see from the attached photo.  She is well adjusted, completely
housebroken, and smart as a whip.  I have been truly blessed by this amazing little girl.  I will definitely be returning for another Shih Tzu, when I am
ready to expand my family of fur-babies (that's what I call them).  You will never know how much you have blessed my home.  We are in love and in awe of
this beautiful little girl.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
P.S.  Pixie and Clementine have shared frequent playdates, since the plane trip together.  They love getting together for fur and fun.  We try and get them
together as often as possible.
Kathy, Marvin and I both are "smitten" by Popcorn.  She is exactly what I desired in a Bichon.....her personality is awesome and her playfulness continues
to be entertainment for us especially in the evenings.  She weighs 10 pounds and that is the preferred weight.  I had thought less but after reading, that
was my preference and was the reason for getting the bigger of the two females.
We have been to Puppy Lessons and are starting in a couple of weeks the Good Citizen's lessons.
My plan is to get her into agility classes next.  She is really fast....and "smart"....
Grandchildren love her and were good training.  They recently moved to CO and so she misses them....and they her.
Thanks for answering all of my questions....was quite a decision for us and a bit scary wondering would this be a puppy that would fit with us.  Well she
Thanks...and also for your Christmas card.


We have bonded great!   She is always at my side.   She loves it when my neighbor has her grandkids over.   They have been told to be very careful with
her.   My cat is even tolerating her and when she doesn’t want to, she jumps upon the bed to get away.  Ha   My 18 yr old granddaughter stayed the night
Sunday and gave her a bath and brushed her out.   Sasha went crazy afterwards, running from one end of the house to the other just like a white tornado.  I
guess she loves getting a bath.

I bought liver treats to help with the potty training and she is doing very well.   After she does her business, she looks up at me waiting for her treat.  I don’t
give her a whole one though.  I put her into her crate when I run the sweeper or go somewhere without her.   She doesn’t seem to mind.   She refuses to
use the papers during the night however.   She thinks they are to play with.   She sleeps down beside the bed at night on her blankie.  I don’t have the
heart to crate her at night.  I’m a softie.

She starts obedience classes next week with a trainer that my Vet recommended.


Hi Kathy,
I purchased a Shih Tzu puppy from you back in December of 2007…a Christmas present for my daughter.   I came across your
website again last weekend and thought it would be nice to give you an update.  We named the dog Mickey..after Mickey Mouse.  
He is a sweet gentle little doggy.  My family loves Mickey.  He is truly a member of the family.  He sleeps with my daughter every night
and goes to the jersey shore every weekend with us.  Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to our family.  We enjoy him so
much.  I have attached a few pictures of the little man for you to see.

Thanks from all of us.
The DeMatteo Family… Don, Kathleen, Alyson, and Mickey!!!


Dear Kathy
We picked up our 8 week old Shih Tzu puppy yesterday at your beautiful farm in the Ozark’s. We arrived a little early and just enjoyed the view of the farm
and spent the time visiting with your horse and dogs, chickens and geese. Wow you are so lucky. Sorry that we missed you but your son and grandson
were so nice and helpful. “Patches” is a joy and a cuddle big. We enjoyed our day and also the looks from the people were making at our too cute two
pound little lady. This morning she visited our Vet and got a great wellness check here in Oklahoma. Thank you for guiding us through the process and
making this a joyful experience.

Mike Reynolds

Dear Kathy,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Kathy has superior animals that she has provided for me and my family. In 1995 I was introduced to my first true love,
Chloe. She was a 4 week old yorkie with a very cute gleam in her eye. I didn't get to bring her home for a few more weeks. One year later I purchased her
brother, a younger boy from the same parents. Today I have lost my boy, but Chloe is 17 years old and still a huge part of my life. I only wish Kathy was
local as I have now moved to the east coast with Chloe. We would sure love another yorkie!

Much later (about 6 years) I was able to get a pair of Shih-zus for my sister from Kathy. The same week she discovered she was pregnant, so she was
blessed with 2 pups and a baby! These pups have been extremely healthy and thrived in my sister's home. Her kids love them and they are a member of
the family.

Each experience I have had getting pups from Kathy has been a joy. They are the healthiest, best behaved, and best tempermented dogs I know. I get
stopped with mine constantly on walks to ask where I got them. I would definately recommend anyone looking for a life-long pet to go to Kathy. The blood
lines have proven to be excellent. Ask Chloe, her age and health at that age are a true testament!"
Sara Bonham
Took My Boy to the vet this morning.  He said he is wonderful. He said "I like his ears, he is very,very alert. Nice, very nice,"  We will go back Friday for shots and whatever.  I have a
wonderful vet.  Dr. Peters at Wagoner Animal Clinic.
Now, Charley My Boy, sleeps until 2, and 4 and early morning.  I am using a puppy pad in my utility at night as I do not want to go  outside alone.  He will use the pad.  Daytime is
outside and we are working on it.  I put him in bed with me about 4:30AM  and he slept.  He has learned to play fetch.  Fast learner or you guys worked with him.  I do think he is
smart.  He is definatey learning the word no.  I know this puppy training will take time and patience.  I plan on giving this my all. Well, some of my all..

Kathy,  having gone through grief yourself, I know you will understand this.  Some how on the way home from Ark. Saturday, it seemed something just flowed through my soul.  The
vet. said it is needed contact, love.  I felt warm  and the way I was able to cuddle with this little animal helped my weary soul.  I have known for sometime I needed to have
someone in this house besides me.  I have talked to My Boy.  Like saying hello to him this morning, or you need to go outside.  Ummm, you are so sweet.
Or No, No..  Should you have people that are so lonely they could die, tell them about me.  I am sure you already know what  I am talking about.  Bet you loose yourself in your
kennel and love your animals   It has been 4 years since my husband went to be with the Lord but time does not erase the pain only makes it less intense.  I think My Boy is a
Thank You,,